How the Maestri team works with you

We listen and can consult every step of the of way.

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Client Consultation

We meet with you on location or in our offices to listen and learn.

Your needs, desires, budget and unique profile of your site provide what we refer to as “the design challenge.”

We will use this information to start brainstorming.

To get the engagement formally started, contracts are executed, and we receive a retainer.




In terms of architectural design, this is where we work with you to define your architectural goals.

Interior Design

We can help outline goals for the interior as well as the overall architecture to design your space.


For both architecture and interior design, we gather data and inspiration. The result is a set of design assets that fuel your unique designs.


Architecture Process
  • List out your needs/project goals, constraints, adjacencies, desired square footage, budget, diagrams, site study
  • Receive client inspiration images/binder
  • Measure & photograph the existing space
Interior Design Process
  • List out client needs/project goals
  • Client questionnaire
  • Discuss budgets and timeline
  • Inventory of furniture/measure spec
  • Receive client inspiration images/binder

Conceptual Design

The design solution is presented to the client.


Architecture Process
  • Any existing plans are drawn (if applicable)
  • site plan, floor plans, sketches provided...
Interior Design Process
  • Floor plans/begin interior elevations
  • Inspiration images, start selection
  • Meet with client to present progress and discuss the design direction

Design Development

Architecture Process
  • Tweak plans, review budgets
  • Client/Team meetings
  • Start drawing exterior elevations, roof plan
  • Provide models and renderings at client request
  • Client signs off on design and gives approval to move forward with construction documents
Interior Design Process
  • Develop space plans, furniture plans, color palette
  • Pull finishes/selections
  • Compile design boards
  • Presentation to client - tweak & refine based on client's feedback

Construction Documents

Architecture Process
  • Compile drawings, details, electrical layout, cabinetry
  • Collaboration with consultants
  • Provide set of plans for construction
Interior Design Process
  • Finish interior elevations, lighting and electrical plans, details, drawings, furniture plans
  • Interiors Selections spreadsheet

Construction Administration

Architecture Process
  • Site visits, Team meetings
  • Collaboration with consultants
  • Review field required changes & change orders
  • Answer questions regarding plans & design intent
Interior Design Process
  • Site Visits, team meetings
  • Collaboration with consultants
  • Create purchase & change orders
  • Answer questions regarding design intent

Finished Product

Professional photography scheduled. Housewarming parties.